BOTOX® for TMJ Pain or to Smooth Out a Few Wrinkles!

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BOTOX® can help adjust your lip shape, sculpt your smile, and smooth out wrinkles. In addition to having aesthetic effects, BOTOX has been shown to help patients with TMJ, bruxism and facial pain. BOTOX relaxes your facial muscles, so it can also assist in preventing pain due to TMJ issues. You could have constant pain in your jaw, neck and face that could cause migraines due to TMJ issues. By relaxing your jaw and facial muscles, BOTOX provides relief.

BOTOX is the common name for botulinum toxin, a protein that can be injected into the facial muscles. BOTOX injections work by weakening or immobilizing certain muscles. It basically puts the muscle to sleep to help alleviate any pain.

It makes sense to receive BOTOX injections from a trained dentist who understands both cosmetic and dental aspects of the procedure. Dr. Bordia injects dental anesthesia in the same areas of your face where BOTOX injections are normally placed. The only difference is that she delivers the BOTOX injections extraoral and dental anesthesia intraoral. She knows the skeletal and muscular structure of your face inside and out.

If you suffer from TMJ pain or just want to smooth out a few wrinkles, Bordia Dental Associates is the place to go. Dr. Bordia will have a consultation with you to find out what you want to achieve with BOTOX. Call 732-409-0330 today to start living a pain-free life!