I came to know Dr. Bordia when my dreaded crown fell out some time ago. I agreed to have a tooth implant done and started the procedure. After facing personal issues I simply didn’t go back. Now after nearly 3 and a 1/2 years…what happens? I break another crown while out to dinner eating salad!! I must admit, I was embarrassed and apprehensive about calling the dentist. But it was time to face the piper. To my relief, I was confronted with only an understanding and caring staff. Dr. Bordia looked and simply said we should get this all done. No you should haves or why didn’t yous. Within 2 weeks, the work is completed! No more flipper wearing..which should have been for a short time not years. And my mouth looks totally awesome! Haven’t stopped smiling yet!!

Dr. Bordia, you are a beautiful young woman and truly an asset to your profession. What I found truly remarkable is how you amaze yourself when you do a job well done. Where other doctors take it as simply routine, you’re like “wow..that came out really good!” Your patient has got to feel good about that…I sure did!

So as we say in Hawaiian, “Mahalo nui loa.” Thank you very much Dr. Bordia! I’ll take a ” dental geek” anytime to work on my teeth!! You and Justine make a fabulous team.


Gayle Orong ;))

Dr. Bordia created six porcelain crowns to correct my misaligned front teeth. My smile is now perfect and I feel much more confident showing it! Dr. Bordia has a great combination of artistic and dental skills, and I would strongly recommend her for any cosmetic or general dental work.


I have been a patient of Dr Rupal Bordia for about 5 yrs. During that time I have had many procedures performed by Dr Bordia and can say without a doubt that she is the best dentist that I have ever been to. She has a wonderful chairside manner and has always made me feel very comfortable during any procedure. I will be re-locating to Massachusetts in the next few weeks but I will definitely make the drive down to see Dr Bordia in New Jersey for any dental procedures that I may have in the near future.

Joanne Magyar
Eatontown ,NJ

Dr. Bordia is the kindest and most gentle doctor I have ever met. She was able to not only make me feel at ease ( following major childhood trauma at a dentists hands), but she actually made me want to return to see her for my dental needs….A Herculean feat, I assure you! Dr. Bordia is more than a dentist, she is a heroic storybook wizard who saves the injured and heals them to fight another day! As you can tell, I cannot more highly and fervently recommend Dr. Bordia for your dental needs. She will take extremely gentle care with you and make you feel safe and pain-free! …and I more adamantly mean the ‘pain-free’ part! PAIN-FREE!!!

Chris Plummer

Dr. Bordia’s kind touch and knowledge helped me recover from years of dental neglect. Dr. Bordia’s knowledge and skill have brought me back to dental health. Thank you so much! Dr. Bordia took me step by step back to dental health.


It’s often quite difficult to find a dentist that one can truly be happy and content with. And by the time you do find that dentist, your teeth are usually already too messed up that you need to have dentures put in!

I can honestly say that Dr. Bordia is one of the best dentists to have worked on my teeth. Not only has she successfully corrected previous “mistakes” and “bad work” created from other dentists, but she has also done wonderful work for a variety of other ailments, such as: root canals; measuring, fitting and adding caps, and treating cavities. Anytime I go to have Dr. Bordia check my teeth, or to have work done, I am confident she will do a great job and I will go through the experience pain-free. Moreover, her warm personality and professionalism make it a joy to go to her and I would recommend her to both friends and family.

Sincerely, Ali G.

I now have the smile of my dreams, and I owe it to Dr. Rupal Bordia. After years of suffering with a crowded, crooked smile, my hope for a perfect smile was renewed when I met Dr. Bordia. Words cannot thoroughly express my gratitude and extol the virtues of her work. I have the highest praise for her practice and her friendly, caring staff.

Dr. Bordia’s exemplary dedication and passion for her work shine through with her lovely chairside manner, her professionalism, a keen eye for detail and aesthetic appeal. Through her high-level expertise, talent and skill, I not only gained a new smile, but a new life. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a “fairy god-doctor.” Thank you, Dr. Bordia, for your outstanding care.